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From Illegal Migration to Human Trafficking: Dangerous Journeys Across the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula

November 2023

Free the Slaves

Human Trafficking and Climate Change: Understanding Intersections and Strengthening Responses in the Philippines

October 2023

Free the Slaves

Considerations and Guidance for the Humanitarian Engagement with Religious Leaders 

January 2023

Generating Respect Project (University of York & Geneva Call)

Co-authored (Dr Ioana Cismas, Dr Marta Furlan, Dr Piergiuseppe Parisi, Dr Ezequiel Heffes, Chris Rush, Hasnaa el-Jamali)

The Exploitation of Natural Resources int he Financing of Terrorism 

6 March, 2020

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Syria/Iraq Office


Orion Policy Institute (OPI)

You can read my analyses on Yemen, the Red Sea, East/Central Africa, and human trafficking here

South 24 Center

You can read my analyses on Yemen, the Red Sea, armed groups, and human rights here

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